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Welcome to Diagnosis, the new web app from BRUSH designed to help you, our customers, in planning and identifying your maintenance and inspection plans. With the trend for power plants, built originally for base load service, to be increasingly delegated to variable load and even continuous start/stop operation, the physical demands on the stator, rotor windings and the structure of the generator are higher than ever before. BRUSH has always recommended preventative maintenance, and with Diagnosis you will get the direction you need to provide the right technical support and service for your BRUSH generator.

Terms & Conditions

The information contained herein is only intended to provide a general insight into the total operating hours of the generator taking into account all factors relating to its operating environment, including operating and maintenance regimes.

We accept no liability for any reliance on or any act or omission based on the resulting information unless a more comprehensive appraisal of the machine is completed by, and the resulting conclusions are confirmed in writing by ourselves. A complete assessment of the machine would require a full inspection by qualified engineers and all enquiries for such activities together with creation of a bespoke maintenance schedule, should be directed to the BRUSH service department.

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Our service evaluation of your generator is based on the total operational hours combined with the number of starts. This information as well as the other information you provided such as age and environment leads to the conclusion below. However BRUSH always recommends a full visual inspection of your machine before any recommendations are made.

ROUTINE INSPECTIONS Standard Inspection Intervals Recommended Customer Service Intervals
A (Seals, Exciter, Rectifier Assembly & Windings Inspection) 3 years 3 years
B (Main Bearings Inspection) 5 years 5 years
C (Seals, Exciter, Rectifier Assembly & Windings Inspection) 6.75 years 6.75 years
D (Main Bearings Inspection) 9 years 9 years
E (Seals, Exciter, Rectifier Assembly & Windings Inspection) 10 years 10 years
F (Complete Machine Inspection & Rotor End Cap Testing) 13 years 13 years

A sales manager has received your report and will be in contact with you via the details you provided, any additional information that you could not provide when completing the form will prove invaluable if it can be obtained when we make contact. Your situation will be monitored and is of great importance to everyone at BRUSH and we will ensure the best solution is available to further improve and maximise the life of your generator.

A copy of this report has been sent to your email address.

If you would rather contact us immediately regarding the outcome of your Generator Lifespan Report then please contact our Customer Service team on:

Region Office Hours Emergency 24/7 Email
UK +44 1509 611511 +44 1508 612612
Americas +1 412 829 7500 +1 888 723 2975
Czech Republic +420378 210717 +44 1509 612612
The Netherlands +31 180 445500 +44 1509 612612
Middle East +971 4 362 6391 +44 1509 612612
Asia +60 1261 64476 +44 1509 612612